That Place Called Success

That Place Called Success.


Labels Are No Longer Needed


As a thrifter, I recognize the value of value. Some think that if the label reads a certain name that in fact it yields a certain quality. More often than not, this is just untrue. The purpose of labels are to create a divide. The line dividing the have and have nots can be blurred if well, we all have the same things. Many have turned to thrifting, because the label matters, however the price matters more. For those that have learned the art of the thrift, buying without selling your soul, I applaud you.

Still, labels remain. There are the “good” labels, the high end labels fashion labels. Then there are the labels that remind you that your socioeconomic status will more than likely never change(the bad labels i.e. uneducated, undereducated). There are the” medical labels” that make it easier to swallow a pill or to behave in such manners i.e. diabetic, bi-polar, ADHD. Those labels are just as harmful. Once the label has been attached, much like the ones we choose while we thrift, the label no longer is an item. Instead, the item has now merged with the person. The label now dictates how the person acts, consumes, and reacts. Remember, you are unique embrace it and if you choose put all emphasis on labels. However, wear the label(recognize it) don’t let the label wear you(don’t internalize it). I  continue  to remain  steadfast to my ideology that LABELS ARE NO LONGER NEEDED. How do you feel?

thThis is a label I can embrace 🙂

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Couldn’t leave you without savings


Institute for Humane Studies- Graduate Fellowship

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Does wealth equal health?


I’d like to think that wealth, finances are a huge part of your mental,physical and emotional health. We know the status of health care today is basically nonexistent. If you are the chosen few that have been able to maintain quality healthcare, the amount needed to do so causes a monthly cardiac arrest. So in that respect, yes wealth helps to secure better healthcare treatment(options). The question still remains if your wealth equals better health and of course it does not.


In fact, at least for me, health equals wealth.  The healthier you are the more your able to acquire. I sleep longer and better, which is free. I stress less, which is free. I take vitamins and juice which isn’t free however has yet to break the bank. I dare anyone to say that a bushel of grapes costs more than say hot pockets. So, my preventative measures have allowed wealth to not even play a factor into my health. Today we are living longer, let’s of course learn how to live stronger. I am curious to know does your wealth, or lack thereof, equal health?

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O and couldn’t leave ya without a thrift:

Save, I repeat, save those discount cards you get in the mail. If you ever need to fill an rx and are non insured or underinsured you can use for discounts.

Hospital bills are negotiable. Make sure to open all bills right away and call each one to start the negotiation process early.

Join Facebook, Twitter any social media groups geared toward healthy living

Take advantage of Free webinars:

Always, Always, get a second opinion. No one knows everything.

Happy New YOU 2014


My first post of the year SHOULD reflect the beginnings of the re-invented me. Ok,who am I kidding? Same me, different year. However, I have tried something new and I hope to continue trying something new.

My new year, came to me in the form of a local news article advertising alternate celebrations. I thought yea, I am definitely feeling alternate. I scrolled down, passed midnight meditations til I heard my inner soul read “Sweat Away Your Sins”. Yep,Hot Yoga for two hours, releasing the old and embracing the new. O was I psyched. Too make a not so long story shorter, I called and was informed there was a FREE one week pass for new students. I mean c’mon my fate was sealed. A few short hours later with butterflies and 2 bottles of water in tow, I entered 2014 , via Yogic Sleep. I’m not going to spoil the good parts for ya, after all , take a class, more than that take a chance.

This year and years to come, remember that value has less to do with monetary means and more to do with pleasurable results. Don’t get me wrong,I enjoy FREE, however I would have went because my soul needed that release. The soul, body, mind needs as much value as say, the wallet.  Although, I love to offer savings and giveaways, I also hope that I am able to relate the sheer joy I receive in knowing that I  thrift for a living and that gives me pleasure and hey you want to read about it. So hmm, how awesome are you?  As the big wheel keeps on churnin’,  remember to seek your thrifts wisely!


Without further ado********SAVINGS****SAVINGS***********SAVINGS*******HODGE PODGE OF SAVINGS******

Yoga/Gym/Pole Dancing/BallRoom Dancing…. you name it call the locations and ask if they have any free and or introductory classes, passes or specials. Make sure to also visit Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local  to compare prices if need be. Remember an informed consumer is a Happy consumer.

GAP-EXTRA 50% off ends midnight tonight. Code GAPEXTRA at checkout.… another offer I saw 30% off using code OFFER4U ends 1/7/14 as well

Go Daddy- 25% Off New purchases of $75 0r more  promo code gd4114k in your cart

CVS- Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Vitamins in store and online (select brands)

I am NOT the savings guru. However, I do enjoy getting my moneys worth. My motto, when in a store google coupon codes and or printable coupons for savings.  I have yet to master the art of the extreme shop, maybe next life time. Happy New You Thrifters!

(Free) Education for us all


The best time to go (back)to school is of course, when you want to. So let’s say that today dear sirs and madams is the day you want to cease the world. You’ve found the school, you fit the requirements than you scroll down to the tuition amounts and your heart seizes. Guess what? The fun begins. The education starts way before the first day of class and I did all the work for you.

Life 101

The undergrad- FINANCIAL AID is your friend. Get to know your financial aid counselor(s) on a first name basis. SAVE their email, fax, and telephone numbers. Simultaneously, begin the arduous yet mandatory task of completing your FAFSA the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  form at It is helpful to have your most recent pay stubs and or W2’s and if you are under 18, that of your parents. Better yet, if you are under 18, please have your parents read this blog.

For the Grad student- YOU ARE SCREWED. I meant, congratulations graduate, you no longer qualify for state/federal aid. You skip that part and begin to ascertain either tuition reimbursement from your job or begin the search for grants and or scholarships.

SCHOLARSHIPS/ GRANTS- FREE MONEY. ME LIKEY.  The scholarship process usually is need and or merit based. An essay is usually required as well as financial and or personal information.

Now here’s where I come in. The search and or application for grants/scholarships can be grueling. Here are a few tried and true tips:

Look on the college, university, trade, school’s website. There are school based monies awaiting you.

Go to your local library. Look on the poster boards to find scholarships in your area, county, region. Yes there are scholarships just for being a woman, bilingual, or an animal lover.

Go to the college itself in the financial aid office there are postings that may not make the website. Make photocopies, take cell phone pics and apply.

Google, Yahoo, Bing…Yes there is fierce competition for those well known Pepsi, Coke scholarships however you are your fiercest competitor, so bring it on.

Lastly, have fun! Yes it’s work however make it good work. After all the reward is great!

************Scholarships**************************** BE MINDFUL OF DEADLINES******SCHOLARSHIPS**************

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Lifeisathrift…so thrift and be merry!

There's More Than Enough

What does it mean to thrift? I actually had to google it and I was right. “Wise economy in the management of money and other resources; frugality”.  That’s where the fun begins. No, really. You’re a thrifter whether you have been to Good Will or not. However, I am here to lead by example, in the art of thrifting to live. The life that you’ve always dreamed of can be yours by expanding your idea of what you consider value. Does currency equal value? Well, its supposed to, however we all know that more often than not you don’t get what you pay for. You pay for the idea, the experience, the momentary thrill. So if you want your value to go a long way, first you must think before you thrift. If fashion truly is your passion, there are many thrift store finds that will knock your designer socks off.  I will show if solely visited, it  would allow  enough money to gasp, buy a ticket to Milan or Paris. I kid you not. If you’re looking for money for college, a house, car, this mentality holds true. You can be a merry thrifter and I dare say, I can show you how.

Thrift code(s) of the day:

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By all means post your savings codes.