Lifeisathrift…so thrift and be merry!

There's More Than Enough

What does it mean to thrift? I actually had to google it and I was right. “Wise economy in the management of money and other resources; frugality”.  That’s where the fun begins. No, really. You’re a thrifter whether you have been to Good Will or not. However, I am here to lead by example, in the art of thrifting to live. The life that you’ve always dreamed of can be yours by expanding your idea of what you consider value. Does currency equal value? Well, its supposed to, however we all know that more often than not you don’t get what you pay for. You pay for the idea, the experience, the momentary thrill. So if you want your value to go a long way, first you must think before you thrift. If fashion truly is your passion, there are many thrift store finds that will knock your designer socks off.  I will show if solely visited, it  would allow  enough money to gasp, buy a ticket to Milan or Paris. I kid you not. If you’re looking for money for college, a house, car, this mentality holds true. You can be a merry thrifter and I dare say, I can show you how.

Thrift code(s) of the day:

Sign up for Amc (Movie )Stubs for every $100 you spend(1 1/2 tickets lol), you earn enough rewards to buy a ticket or a snack. Free snack upgrades too!

By all means post your savings codes.


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