(Free) Education for us all


The best time to go (back)to school is of course, when you want to. So let’s say that today dear sirs and madams is the day you want to cease the world. You’ve found the school, you fit the requirements than you scroll down to the tuition amounts and your heart seizes. Guess what? The fun begins. The education starts way before the first day of class and I did all the work for you.

Life 101

The undergrad- FINANCIAL AID is your friend. Get to know your financial aid counselor(s) on a first name basis. SAVE their email, fax, and telephone numbers. Simultaneously, begin the arduous yet mandatory task of completing your FAFSA the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  form at http://fafsa.gov/. It is helpful to have your most recent pay stubs and or W2’s and if you are under 18, that of your parents. Better yet, if you are under 18, please have your parents read this blog.

For the Grad student- YOU ARE SCREWED. I meant, congratulations graduate, you no longer qualify for state/federal aid. You skip that part and begin to ascertain either tuition reimbursement from your job or begin the search for grants and or scholarships.

SCHOLARSHIPS/ GRANTS- FREE MONEY. ME LIKEY.  The scholarship process usually is need and or merit based. An essay is usually required as well as financial and or personal information.

Now here’s where I come in. The search and or application for grants/scholarships can be grueling. Here are a few tried and true tips:

Look on the college, university, trade, school’s website. There are school based monies awaiting you.

Go to your local library. Look on the poster boards to find scholarships in your area, county, region. Yes there are scholarships just for being a woman, bilingual, or an animal lover.

Go to the college itself in the financial aid office there are postings that may not make the website. Make photocopies, take cell phone pics and apply.

Google, Yahoo, Bing…Yes there is fierce competition for those well known Pepsi, Coke scholarships however you are your fiercest competitor, so bring it on.

Lastly, have fun! Yes it’s work however make it good work. After all the reward is great!

************Scholarships**************************** BE MINDFUL OF DEADLINES******SCHOLARSHIPS**************



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