Happy New YOU 2014


My first post of the year SHOULD reflect the beginnings of the re-invented me. Ok,who am I kidding? Same me, different year. However, I have tried something new and I hope to continue trying something new.

My new year, came to me in the form of a local news article advertising alternate celebrations. I thought yea, I am definitely feeling alternate. I scrolled down, passed midnight meditations til I heard my inner soul read “Sweat Away Your Sins”. Yep,Hot Yoga for two hours, releasing the old and embracing the new. O was I psyched. Too make a not so long story shorter, I called and was informed there was a FREE one week pass for new students. I mean c’mon my fate was sealed. A few short hours later with butterflies and 2 bottles of water in tow, I entered 2014 , via Yogic Sleep. I’m not going to spoil the good parts for ya, after all , take a class, more than that take a chance.

This year and years to come, remember that value has less to do with monetary means and more to do with pleasurable results. Don’t get me wrong,I enjoy FREE, however I would have went because my soul needed that release. The soul, body, mind needs as much value as say, the wallet.  Although, I love to offer savings and giveaways, I also hope that I am able to relate the sheer joy I receive in knowing that I  thrift for a living and that gives me pleasure and hey you want to read about it. So hmm, how awesome are you?  As the big wheel keeps on churnin’,  remember to seek your thrifts wisely!


Without further ado********SAVINGS****SAVINGS***********SAVINGS*******HODGE PODGE OF SAVINGS******

Yoga/Gym/Pole Dancing/BallRoom Dancing…. you name it call the locations and ask if they have any free and or introductory classes, passes or specials. Make sure to also visit Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local  to compare prices if need be. Remember an informed consumer is a Happy consumer.

GAP-EXTRA 50% off ends midnight tonight. Code GAPEXTRA at checkout.http://www.gap.com… another offer I saw 30% off using code OFFER4U ends 1/7/14 as well

Go Daddy- 25% Off New purchases of $75 0r more  promo code gd4114k in your cart http://www.godaddy.com

CVS- Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Vitamins in store and online http://www.cvs.com/shop/Vitamins/_/N-3rZieZ2k?pt=DEPARTMENT (select brands)

I am NOT the savings guru. However, I do enjoy getting my moneys worth. My motto, when in a store google coupon codes and or printable coupons for savings.  I have yet to master the art of the extreme shop, maybe next life time. Happy New You Thrifters!



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