Does wealth equal health?


I’d like to think that wealth, finances are a huge part of your mental,physical and emotional health. We know the status of health care today is basically nonexistent. If you are the chosen few that have been able to maintain quality healthcare, the amount needed to do so causes a monthly cardiac arrest. So in that respect, yes wealth helps to secure better healthcare treatment(options). The question still remains if your wealth equals better health and of course it does not.


In fact, at least for me, health equals wealth.  The healthier you are the more your able to acquire. I sleep longer and better, which is free. I stress less, which is free. I take vitamins and juice which isn’t free however has yet to break the bank. I dare anyone to say that a bushel of grapes costs more than say hot pockets. So, my preventative measures have allowed wealth to not even play a factor into my health. Today we are living longer, let’s of course learn how to live stronger. I am curious to know does your wealth, or lack thereof, equal health?

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O and couldn’t leave ya without a thrift:

Save, I repeat, save those discount cards you get in the mail. If you ever need to fill an rx and are non insured or underinsured you can use for discounts.

Hospital bills are negotiable. Make sure to open all bills right away and call each one to start the negotiation process early.

Join Facebook, Twitter any social media groups geared toward healthy living

Take advantage of Free webinars:

Always, Always, get a second opinion. No one knows everything.


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