Labels Are No Longer Needed


As a thrifter, I recognize the value of value. Some think that if the label reads a certain name that in fact it yields a certain quality. More often than not, this is just untrue. The purpose of labels are to create a divide. The line dividing the have and have nots can be blurred if well, we all have the same things. Many have turned to thrifting, because the label matters, however the price matters more. For those that have learned the art of the thrift, buying without selling your soul, I applaud you.

Still, labels remain. There are the “good” labels, the high end labels fashion labels. Then there are the labels that remind you that your socioeconomic status will more than likely never change(the bad labels i.e. uneducated, undereducated). There are the” medical labels” that make it easier to swallow a pill or to behave in such manners i.e. diabetic, bi-polar, ADHD. Those labels are just as harmful. Once the label has been attached, much like the ones we choose while we thrift, the label no longer is an item. Instead, the item has now merged with the person. The label now dictates how the person acts, consumes, and reacts. Remember, you are unique embrace it and if you choose put all emphasis on labels. However, wear the label(recognize it) don’t let the label wear you(don’t internalize it). I  continue  to remain  steadfast to my ideology that LABELS ARE NO LONGER NEEDED. How do you feel?

thThis is a label I can embrace 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Labels Are No Longer Needed

  1. *SIGH* It is a tough argument– and honestly, I hate labels, except that I understand it is easier to explain behaviors at times with labels. As you said, the important thing is not to let the label wear you; to me that means you can do more, be more– regardless of labels.

    On the material things question, I have never been a label snob, though I do like quality things. I love Coach purses– but not because they are Coach, because they are awesome and last, and look good forever. I am the person you will see “feeling” the quality of something before I bother trying it on. If it doesn’t feel good, it stays on the hanger.

    • Denise, thank you for your introspective comments.We agree, to a degree. I am also going to borrow the “feeling up” of garments. I tend to think that all things are made equally however there are times such as Coach and in my experience Banana Republic Suits/ pants that are just superiorly made.

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